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UK Made Organic Living Soil 



Hello from the Whole Plant Collective!


We are Sam and Tom, two brothers united by a shared passion for plant cultivation and a mission to empower others to grow their own.


Our journey with living soil began in 2017 when we embarked on the exciting venture of crafting our own soil mixes. Fuelled by a desire to elevate plant cultivation to new heights, we dedicated ourselves to perfecting the art of living soil.



Driven by our shared vision, we founded the Whole Plant Collective. Our mission? To create and share the best living soil mix with the world. Rooted in sustainability and regenerative practices, our soil is a testament to our commitment to the well-being of both plants and the planet. For us, it's more than just soil—it's a way of life. We believe in the power of nurturing plants in a holistic, sustainable manner that fosters growth and vitality. Our journey is your journey, and we invite you to join us in cultivating a thriving community of plant enthusiasts. Have questions or just want to share your plant journey with us? Drop us a message through the website—we'd love to hear from you. Together, let's cultivate a greener, more connected world. ​

The Whole Plant Collective Organic Living Soil Mix

  • Peat-Free Formula:

Our living soil mix is crafted without the use of peat, contributing to the preservation of peat bogs and reducing environmental impact.


  • Regenerative Farming Practices:

Our biological compost is produced on a regenerative farm, promoting sustainable agriculture and soil health.


  • Handcrafted Quality:

Each batch of our living soil mix is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring attention to detail and the highest possible quality.


  • Lab-Tested for Balance:

Our soil mix undergoes rigorous lab testing to guarantee the perfect balance of nutrients, providing optimal support for plant growth.


  • Versatility for Indoor and Outdoor Growing:

Whether you're growing indoors or outdoors, our living soil mix is designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of plants.


  • Optimal Plant Health:

Our soil mix is formulated to provide plants with the essential nutrients they need for robust growth and development.


  • Community and Education:

Join our community: Connect with like-minded growers and access educational resources on the benefits of living soil, regenerative farming, and sustainable gardening practices.

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