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Living Soil basics: Hand watering

Updated: May 6, 2022

When growing in living soil moisture will often determine the success of a crop.

As a general rule of thumb it is said that saturation point of a soil is ten percent of the total volume of soil. So for example if you added five litres of water to a fifty Litre pot of soil it would be completely saturated.

Living soil growers have to find the sweet spot for each stage of their plants life. We like to top spray whilst in seedling/early veg. As plants progress into more vigorous vegetative growth and eventually into flowering or fruit production we use the watering can to add larger amounts of water to the soil.

There's a certain craft to hand watering. As a grower you develop an intuition and can tell from a plants body language how it is enjoying it's surroundings. We hope you found this informative.

Happy growing



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