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The power of vermicompost

When it comes to producing high quality, pest free, organic harvests of your favoured crop vermicompost is an essential tool.

There can be a large variation in quality, so it might be a good idea to check with your supplier what the worms are being fed but on average, vermicompost has been found to contain some of the highest concentrations of macro and micronutrients for a compost, along with very high microbial diversity and population.

Proven to increase total yield in almost every crop, if it's not a part of your garden yet, it’s time to put this powerhouse of minerals and beneficial biology to work.

If you’re growing in a living soil system, then you have already experienced the wonder of worm-worked-compost (vermicompost) as almost all of these mixes contain 15-30% by volume of vermicompost and rely heavily on its biological activity.

Using liquid extracts or teas as a foliar treatment is a great way to use a small amount of vermicompost on a large area. By doing so you inoculate the leaf surface with the biology contained within, this will provide protection against disease and improve plant growth.

Check out the link below for vermicompost made by us with quality inputs 👇

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