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Ful-Humix™ is a soluble, concentrated humic acid and powerful soil/nutrient activator. In the root zone it reduces the uptake of sodium, aluminum, and other metals that negatively affect plants. Ful-Humix prevents the tie up of nutrients and trace elements through chelation and complexing. All crops should be using Ful-Humix. It can be used in all production systems and throughout the entire lifecycle of the crop. Make sure to use it during the spring season as this is when it will be most effective and you will see the most long-term benefits.

Improves nutrient efficiency and uptake

Improves cellular division at all levels

May stimulate beneficial microorganisms

May convert raw organic matter and fertilizers into available forms for faster uptake

Ful-Humix™ can be applied to all crops including; trees, vines, ornamentals, small fruits, vegetables, row crops, feed crops, forage, and pasture


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