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- Cover Crop Mix:

- Enhances soil health when planted alongside larger crops.

- Reduces surface evaporation and prevents soil degradation.

- Cycle of Nature Approach:

- Cut back cover crop, cover with compost, sow another layer for thick, nutritious mulch.

- Ingredients:

- Organic Barley Seed:

- Fast-growing biomass for nitrogen-rich mulch.

- Long roots stimulate deep soil biology.

- Enzyme-rich for improved soil fertility.

- Organic Buckwheat Seed:

- Vigorous and fast-growing for abundant biomass.

- Organic Vetch:

- Nitrogen fixer with rapid growth.

- Attracts beneficial insects with its flowers.

- Directions for Use:

- Container Plants:

- Light covering: 25g per 50L container.

- Heavy cover: 50g per 50L container.

- Soil:

- 100-150g per square meter.

Organic Cover Crop Seed Mix

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