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- Soapnut Extract:

- 100% natural bio-surfactant for living soil and other growing systems.

- Applications:

- Wetting Agent:

- Prevents hydrophobia in potting media.

- Reduces soil surface tension for better water absorption.

- Mix 2ml per litre of water, apply with a sprayer to soil surface.

- Emulsifier:

- Allows incorporation of horticultural oils like neem oil into water.

- Mix 5ml per litre of warm water, add oil, and mix well.

- Surfactant:

- Improves effectiveness of foliar treatments.

- Reduces water surface tension for finer droplets and even leaf coverage.

- Mix 5ml per litre of water, safe to mix with other inputs.

- Versatile and Natural: Created from 100% natural products for multiple gardening applications.

Organic Wetting Agent 330ML

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