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Uncover the advantages of integrating alfalfa meal into your living soil cultivation practices, promoting a sustainable and flourishing growing environment:

- Rich in Nutrients:

- Abundant in essential nutrients, providing a natural and balanced source for plant growth.

- Soil Conditioning:

- Improves soil structure and porosity, enhancing water retention and nutrient availability.

- Slow-Release Nitrogen:

- Acts as a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, supporting steady and sustained plant nourishment.

- Promotes Beneficial Microbes:

- Encourages the proliferation of beneficial soil microbes, fostering a healthy soil ecosystem.

- Root Development:

- Facilitates robust root development, contributing to overall plant vigor and resilience.

- Bio-Stimulant Properties:

- Functions as a bio-stimulant, promoting plant growth and increasing tolerance to stress.

- Organic Matter Enrichment:

- Adds valuable organic matter to the soil, enhancing fertility and microbial activity.

- Environmentally Friendly:

- A sustainable and eco-friendly choice, aligning with responsible agricultural practices.

Elevate your living soil agriculture with the natural benefits of alfalfa meal – a versatile and nutrient-rich solution for thriving plants and a healthier ecosystems.

Organic Alfalfa Meal 1KG

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