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Discover why incorporating organic gypsum into your living soil practices can significantly enhance plant health and overall crop yield:

- Nutrient Availability:

- Prevents soil compaction, ensuring easier nutrient access for plant roots.

- pH Regulation:

- Balances soil pH levels, optimizing nutrient absorption.

- Calcium Enrichment:

- Rich in calcium, crucial for cell wall development and root growth.

- Improved Water Infiltration:

- Enhances water infiltration and drainage, preventing waterlogging.

- Alleviates Soil Salinity:

- Reduces soil salinity by displacing sodium ions, promoting root health.

- Microbial Activity:

- Fosters a thriving soil ecosystem, supporting beneficial microorganisms.

- Disease Resistance:

- Enhances soil structure and microbial activity, contributing to plant resilience.

- Environmental Friendliness:

- Organic and sustainable, aligning with eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Elevate your living soil growing experience with the natural benefits of organic gypsum.

Organic Powdered Gypsum 1KG

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