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 £8.99 a month

  • Save up to 170 litres of food waste every year!

  • Clean sealable bucket supplied and replaced on every collection

  • 17 collections per year

  • 3 buckets of compost every spring worth £60 (minimum 6 months sign up to receive full amount)


  • Cooked or uncooked food is great! you can add any fruits or vegetables (please chop them if possible)

  • Shredded paper or cardboard.

  • Egg shells (MUST BE CRUSHED)

  • Please don't add compostable plastics

What can go in your food waste bucket?

For just £8.99 per month we provide a local food waste collection service preventing valuable nutrients from reaching our local incineration centre. We drop a 10L bucket to your door that you can fill with your excess food. We will collect this bucket once every 3 weeks and return a clean bucket ready to fill for the next collection. We take this food and create quality biological compost.

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